Think I've well and truly had a mass spending spree over the last few weeks on yet again more Aqua. If you're after a bargain you definately need to get yourself to Leeds to their sample sale store - its only a few rows of clothing however you can grab some fab bargains. Although the same can be said about the website/store - you can grab some brilliant bargains.

To be honest Aqua is fast becoming my go to brand for clothing for nights out - purely because I don't think its that much of a well known brand, so the chances of you bumping into someone wearing the same as you is slim to none (unless you live in Leeds). Anyway I took the opportunity before the Benefit event on Saturday to do what I do best - spending money.

First up is the belt - which I ended up buying from the store itself - for £30 (£27 with student discount) - you will have noticed this on my payday wishlist post. I haven't decided what or how I'm going to wear this but I needed it in my life. After a quick browse in the sample sale store - I picked up the white dress, originally £120 down to £15, yes £15. Considering my track record with white items of clothing - I think this is going to have to be one of those dresses you save for best.

I'd bought the Kimono dress on a whim off ebay (minus the belt)- not even sure why I bought it, however I'll probably get some wear out of it. However I've saved the best til last - after searching for well over a year - I've finally managed to get my hands on the Krate dress (middle). Personally I think this is the ultimate LBD and I honestly can't wait to wear this. It is backless, however I think I will pair this with either a leather jacket or a white blazer. I think thats my spending for the month done and dusted (famous last words).