Crest 3D Whitestrips Professional Effects - £5.99 for 7 pouches via Ebay

Hello my name is Ray and I have an obsession with white teeth... you know that episode of Friends where Ross bleaches his teeth, oh how I would love to have teeth like that (well not THAT white). I thought today I would do a quick review on my newest teeth strips. Quick FYI I am not encouraging teeth bleaching and you do need to follow the instructions (to an extent) on the packet. I wouldn't recommend these if you have very sensitive teeth.
Normally I use the old style Crest whitening strips (light blue packets), however as these have been discontinued I decided to try the professional effects as this was the type which had the best reviews on You Tube/Blogs.What is different about these is that unlike the old style they aren't covered in gel which if it gets on your tounge it makes it go funny (if its happened to you, you will know what I mean). These actually mould to your teeth and stay there until its time to remove them.
Now here is a little tip to get value for money out of the pouches - the pack states that you should wear a set for 30 mins then change - leave the one set on and don't change. Also I normally leave these on for 75-90 minutes every third day. However I only use a maximum of 3 packets a time as my teeth are quite white, I normally use these now and again as a top up. I will warn you though you will have sensitive teeth the next day, and I recommend brushing your teeth after taking this off with a sensitive toothpaste. I'll always repurchase these as I do think they work in brightening your teeth up.