Clockwise from top left - MUA Pro Brow Palette, Benefit Brow-zings Light*, Sleek Brow Kit Dark, Benefit Brow-zings Medium*. Mac Eyebrow Pencil in Lingering.

As this post goes live I will be getting my annual monthly Scouse Brow/Nandos Session with Tor. If you'd noticed it wasn't until I went to the Benefit Brow Bar Launch that I never ever bothered doing anything (bar waxing) my eyebrows. Even though my natural hair colour is brown (shhh) I've always been blessed with very light eyebrows - allowing me to dye my hair different colours and no-one blatently knowing it wasn't my natural haircolour.
Anyway since breaking my brow tinting virginity - I have been completely and utterly obsessed with the scouse brow. The darker (well not too dark) the better. Normally I get my brows shaped and tinted a medium brown at the Benefit Counter in Middlesbrough and then sometimes get them re-tinted between waxes at my cousins hairdressers. Normally I get the tint left on for 2 minutes and then if I want them darker I then get them retinted - this is the best way to do it if you're worried about your brows.
Normally for work I don't bother with my brows, however outside of work I normally use the light Brow-Zings wax first then the power, or the MUA kit. Then for nights out I can honestly sit and do my brows for an hour faffing about with them. Normally for nights out I use the medium Brow-Zings and then fill in the gaps with Mac's Lingering pencil. The picture above was taken last May Day Bank Holiday literally after I'd just started getting my brows done - they're filled in with the Medium Brow-Zings however I haven't gone OTT with them.
I've recently gotten the Sleek kit however I think that will be my next go to brow kit for nights out. Oh to apply I normally use an angled brush from Elf (studio line), however a lot of people rave the Eco Tools angled brush. As long as the brush is thick it will do the job.