Normally I’m not a candle person, never really owned any (cue sad violin music) nor been fussed about having any. However any time I am near a Yankee Candle stand in a shop you will find me standing there sniffing away – yes I acknowledge that sounds a bit sinister. Lately I’ve been getting into Yankee Candles in a big way- mainly the samplers. Personally I find spending upwards of £8 on a candle which I may not like the scent of a bit too much. However I’m loving the samplers as a fab way to try and test new scents – this is how I’ve become obsessed with the scent of Christmas Cookie and have stocked up on the jars in the Boxing Day Sales.

If you’re from the North East you may have noticed that Collectables have had a series of pop-up stores around the region over the Christmas period which have specialised mainly in Yankee Candles. What is even better about this is that when these shops close the candles are reduced in price. I picked up these the other week while in Newcastle for about 80p each – which is a bargain. I’ve already burnt the Mango candle and I definitely want a large jar of this and I’m currently burning the Bahama Breeze which I do like, yet unsure whether to buy a jar.

As I’m back at uni today and have a couple of breaks – I’m debating whether a quick trip into town to see whether the shop is still open to stock up on some more. If you read the Sunday Girl blog you will see that Adrienne has a slight obsession with Yankee Candles too – keep checking her posts as she links you up with some really cheap ebay sellers.

What Yankee Candles should I get next??