Lip Care Duo*, Tea Tree Cleansing Wipes*, Deep Cleansing Nose Strips* - Derma V10.
If you are a regular reader of the blog you will know how much I rate Derma V10 products which I normally stock up from in my local Home Bargains. Personally I was only aware of items in this range which were avaliable in my local Home Bargains and quite suprised to see how extensive the range actually is. I'd recently been sent a whole load of products from the range to review including some brand new products which I know you are going to love. I've split most of my reviews up into a product per post, however with these I thought I would put them all in the one post.
Lip Care Duo - Believe it or not I'm not a fan of petrolium based products to be used on my lips - I don't like the feeling/texture of it. Instead these (especially the Aloe Vera) has been my lifesaver recently when I've had the flu - coat your nose in this after everytime you blow your nose and it will prevent dry flaky skin. Also if I don't have any handcream with me, I use this to moisturise my cuticles and elbows. You got to love a multifunctional product.
Tea Tree Face Wipes - I'm actually gutted my local HB don't stock these face wipes as I've nearly ran out. What is suprisingly different about these is that they're not as "wet/damp" as other face wipes, yet still do the job. Normally I keep these in my bag for after the gym as I'm always paranoid about getting spots from dirt getting in my pores (don't ask lol). Really impressed with these and I will continue to buy.
Deep Cleanisng Nose Strips - Hands down the winner out of these three products. I've got one strip left, however I've already bought a back up. Theres nothing much to say about this really - it does what it says on the packet. Normally I use one of these a week, however I have been known to use two in a week. As this dries it doesn't have that super tight feeling which you can sometimes get with similiar products, yet it does a bloody good job of cleaning my pores/blackheads out. I was actually talking to my cousin Maxine via Skype the other week with this on my nose.
Next time your in Home Bargains/Bodycare check out this range - you will be suprised.