Elnett Heat Defence Spray - approx £9.99 (Boots, Superdrug, Supermarkets etc).
This product really should come with a warning - YOU WILL NOT LOOK LIKE CHEZZA (or have hair like her).
After using up my beloved Label M Blow Out spray, I've been after a cheaper alternative which will protect my hair and give volume and after seeing so many blogs rave about this I thought I would pick a bottle up when it was on offer for £3.99 in Sainsburys. Now if I'm entirely honest with you I don't think this product makes any difference what so ever when it comes to adding volume to my hair - however I do think its a fab heat protector.
What I do like about this product is that there is a lock mechanism at the top which prevents any leakages. However I don't know if I have picked up a dodgy bottle as I find that it will only spray if you hold it at a certain angle. Personally I would definately recommend this for a heat protector (if its on offer), however I wouldn't pay full price or buy this if you are wanting a volumising product. I'm a bit on the fence with this I have to admit.