Fashionista Juicy Peach Blusher - £4 via Superdrug

Fashionista is a brand I'd heard about, yet never bothered looking at when in Superdrug. If you are familiar with the blog you will know that I prefer to use drug store products for work and save my higher end make up for nights out/outside work. As I'd used up my Vivo Peaches and Cream blush I decided to try this after my darling Ellie raved about this - however trying to find this was like trying to find a needle in a haystack.
If your from the North East the only local Superdrug which stocks this range is the Metro Centre - however you can order off line. I'll be honest the stand at the Metro Centre is 99.9% of the time near enough empty, however if you do manage to hit lucky I'd recommend stocking up. As you can see the blush is as the name implies a pink undertoned peach shade, which would suit any skin tone. The swatches above are very heavy swatches so this is easily buildable.
What I love about this blush is its amazing staying power (a good 6 hours without primer), how cheap it is (£4), but the fact that you can build custom blusher/eyeshadow palettes without having to risk smashing your product when depotting. Normally to apply this I use my Real Techniques Blush Brush (review here). The only downside of this blush is that there is quite a bit of fall out when you apply it - not a good idea to put it on while wearing a white blazer - learn from my mistakes.