As the saying goes – all good things must come to an end and that can be said about my Boots Botanics Red Shampoo and Conditioner which has sadly been discontinued. However the advantages of this is that I can discover new products in the fight to keep my red hair red. Over the last month I’ve been testing out Goldwell’s Colourglow shampoo and conditioner from Hairtrade as an alternative to my Botanics products. Goldwell is a brand which many of you will associate with professional salons and from the packaging to the scent, it screams out salon quality.
Personally I prefer to use a shampoo specifically for red hair and even though the shampoo does a brilliant job of thoroughly cleaning my hair and giving it a shine that you can only achieve in the hairdressers I find that my hair goes greasy after a day - a problem I've very rarely encounted with other shampoos. However I've been using this before going on nights out - so this isn't that much of a problem. For me the winner out of the two is the Warm Red Conditioner - honestly this stuff is amazing if you have coloured or natural red hair.
If you read the blog you will know that I use a Revlon toner on my hair to give my hair a boost of colour and I use this in conjunction with the Botanics products. What I have noticed from the warm red conditioner is that I'm not reaching for my toner so soon after getting my colour done - especially how this month I have gone for a brighter red which you would think would fade more quickly. The only explanation I can give for this is due to this conditioner locking the colour in for longer. Plus for £8.25 its hardly breaking the bank.
If you are looking to try some new coloured shampoo and conditioner I would recommend these (the conditioner comes in different shades), however if you have red hair the conditioner is a must have for you haircare routine. I'm currently doing an updated hair routine post and the conditioner will definately be featured.