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I thought I would do a quick post to let you all know the different ways in which you can keep up to date with the blog and me.
1) Google Friend Connect - I think one of the main ways in keeping up to date with blogs is via GFC, so any new posts will appear as and when they are posted in your dashboard. This is the way I normally follow/read blogs. If you want to follow "Who is She" you can click on the GFC widget on the right.
2) Twitter - oh how I love Twitter - sometimes I have loads to say other times I don't. Normally if you have any questions this is the best place to find me. You can follow me on Twitter @RayWhoisShe.
3) Bloglovin' - I follow some blogs via Bloglovin' and use this as an excellent way to read blogs on the go. Also instead of saying Bloglovin' I always say McLovin'. You can follow "Who is She" via Bloglovin' here.
4) Email - If you have any questions or even want to say hello you can always email me. All my emails come straight through to my phone so you will get a reply pretty much straightaway.
5) Facebook - I'm really starting to get into using Facebook as a way to connect with other blogs as well as companies. I've downloaded the "Pages" app to my phone and I'm trying my hardest to update with what I'm up to etc. You can "like" the blog here.
6) Instagram - My favourite app ever (actually this may be second to Tiny Tower) - imagine life without Instagram. This is where you will probably get the best insight into my daily life. You don't need a smart phone to be able to follow me on there- you can also go via your computer. Follow me @RayWhoisShe.
And if that wasn't enough - all the relevant links can be found in the side bar.