Complete Renewal Set* via Murad

I'm apologising in advance as this kit is no longer avaliable on the Murad site. However I will link you up to each of the products individually (sorry). I recieved this kit to try a good few months ago, and with all products I like to thoroughly test them before providing any reviews - I'm not going to lie but I've found a brilliant little gem in this kit. I'm already a fan of Murad products since recieving a sample of their Matte Primer (review here), which I have since repurchased a back up. I would say (touch wood) that my skin for my age is very good - I have normal to sometimes dry skin and I do try and look after it.

The Complete Renewal set aims to (clue is in the title) to treat and protect your skin. The kit itself contains minitures of their Essential- C SPF 30 Day Moisturise, an Intensive Resurfacing Peel, Hydro Dynamic Ultimate Moisturiser for eyes and then a full size tube of their Complete Reform serum. Now I'll be honest I haven't used the Resurfacing Peel, as my skin is in good condition I feel like I don't want to test this product just yet - as soon as I do I will update this post. The two moisturisers are good samples sizes which would be ideal for travelling - I definately saw an improvement around my eye area since using this.

However the star of this box has to be the Complete Reform - oh how you have reformed (see what I did there) my life. Now a 30ml tube of this costs £69, however I can tell a difference in my skin when I don't use it. So what does this little miracle in a tube contain -  Glycolic Acid - Exfoliates the skin to reveal a brighter, firmer complexion, giving you a radiance boost and a day full of compliments. Antioxidants - Boost skin health so skin looks brighter, younger and stronger. Instant results yet gentle enough for even sensitive skin. I actually have Estee Lauders Advanced Night Serum and I prefer this to that (plus this has a nice citrus scent). If you are looking for a new night time serum  - I would definately recommend Complete Reform.