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Why does January have to be the LONGEST month ever. Honestly roll on Thursday for payday and then February being a short month. I'd originally put this together last week, however since then I've found out I've gotten a press pass for IMATS in June I'm officially on a make up ban (bar I need a new mascara) as we all know I'll end up spending a fortune.
I already purchased the nude Aqua belt on Saturday when I was in Leeds and have already sent the Asos one back - as out of the two I know I'd get more wear out of the Aqua belt. I'm also going to be ordering this Topshop cover up this month - not to wear over a bikini but instead to wear with a bandeau dress underneath and a belt either when I go on holiday or come the summer.
I've been meaning to pick these eyelash curlers up for ages and ages but never got around to doing so - do you think they live up to the hype?? Desperate to get my hands on Dogon eyeshadow duo from Nars however due to make up ban that won't be happening :( I have recieved a voucher for discounted Essie in Boots so I'm debating which colour to get? Definately thinking a dark colour but what?? Will have to pick one up in Newcastle on Wednesday when I'm on my break from Uni. Finally Bioderma - I'm caving into Blogger hype - can't argue with that.