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It may sound sad, however since a very young age I've only really wanted one (well two as I wanted a Chanel bag) thing... a walk in wardrobe. As I'm currently in the process of buying a house - I'm after two things - hidden away from people (I'm a hermit at heart) and secondly a third bedroom big enough to become the walk in wardrobe. The house I've found puts ticks in both of these boxes. To be honest I'm not fussed about having a huge tv, top of the range gadgets, blah blah blah - I'm not going to lie my money is going to be getting spent on the most perfect storage system ever to house my clothes and handbags.

Obviously Ms Bradshaw's wardrobe is that of which I can only dream, however I am starting to turn towards an all white room with white storage. Although what sort of layout do I go for? Do I focus on a smaller hanging rail and more shelves to store things on? Decisions decisions.