Bright Eyes* £17.45 (15ml) - Angela Langford (link)

I'm a bit of a funny un when it comes to trying out new products for the blog - I have to completely finish up using a similiar product before giving my undivided attention to another one. I know the saying goes that good things comes to those who wait and honestly I'm onto a winner with this little tub of Bright Eyes.
I've previously reviewed a facial scrub from the Angela Langford range (here) and I was impressed with that - however this eye cream exceeds all expectations. What I love about the AL range is that all the ingrediants which she puts into her products are 100% natural, there is no artificial ingredients. Basically this product is only going to do good things to your eye area. Another major bonus of the range is that all products can be used on any skin type.
The tub itself is made out of aluminum which I've noticed keeps the cream really cool and makes it more refreshing once applied around the eye area. A word of warning once you open the seal there is an overpowering scent which the only way I can describe it as is "natural" - you will know what I mean once you smell it. However this goes pretty much straightaway and the scent doesn't transfer onto your skin.
I've been using this daily for the last 2 months and I have to say I have seen a slight improvement around my eyes - my skin doesn't seem as dehydrated as normal and I'm rarely suffering from black circles (nights out don't count shhh). Even though some may seem the price is pricey at £17.45 I do believe you get what you pay for and I've got half a tub left as you only really need a pea sized amount, so when you look at it like that its good value for money and if it does the trick you can't put a price on that.