BaByliss Professional Elegance Hair Straightener* - £39.99

When it comes to hair straighteners there has always been a misconception that GHDs are the best straighteners – I won’t lie I’ve always been loyal to my GHDs and until now haven’t tried any other brands as I believed they would damage my hair. Blame a pair of Saks straighteners years and years ago – my obsession with hair straighteners is that bad that I will always take mine with me to people’s houses if I know they don’t own GHDs.

However over the last few months I’ve been trying BaByliss’s Professional Elegance hair straightener and as a fan of BaByliss’s fabulous products (ie their professional ceramic hot rollers), I had high expectations for this. First up is the colour – they’re purple and they scream high end salon, as well as being able to fit comfortably in your hand. It also comes with a heat protecting pouch which you can use as a mat while using them, but this also means if you’re in a rush and your taking these with you – there’s no fear of them burning/damaging your belongings. I’m also impressed that the cord is 3m long (salon length) and also twists around so it’s easy to use if your mirror is away from the plug socket – this is a problem I often find with hair styling tools.

For me, the most important quality in hair straighteners is the temperature –  the Elegance straightener has 3 heat settings, with the highest being 235*. I would recommend trying these out on the lowest heat first and then building the heat up, and with all heated products I use a heat protector spray as I don’t want to damage my hair. The straighteners take approx 15 seconds to heat up, which is slightly longer than my GHDs however this isn’t a problem as I use this time to section my hair off. What sets the Elegance styler apart from other high street straighteners is the fact that the nano-ceramic plates lock and the ionic conditioning lock in moisture in your hair preventing static/stray fly away hairs.

Now I’ve saved the best bit till last – the price. If you are looking for a new hair straightener I would definitely recommend this as Argos sell effective hair straighteners.