Betty Hula Natural Anti-Bacterial Hand Moisturiser in Fragrance Free* and Champagne and Spice* - £2.99 (link)

This post should come with a bit of a disclaimer that if you own these hand creams they won't be known as "your" but "our" hand creams (I'll get to why in a bit). Last year I won Betty Hula's Best Beauty Blog competition and part of the prize which I won was the opportunity to try these two hand creams (or moisturisers) out before they were released to the general public. As far as I'm aware these products are only available on the Betty Hula website as I can't find them in any of my local Sainsburys :(
A bit about the background of Betty Hula - what I personally love about the range is the fact that all the products in the range are handmade using traditional techniques and fair traded natural ingredients - you won't find any nasty chemicals in these products. Also what I love about this brand is that regardless of how dry or sensitive your skin may be - this range will suit and benefit all skin types.
Now onto the hand creams - in a nutshell both contain shea butter which will hydrate the driest of hands whilst protecting from germs (without drying your skin out). I've found that with these hand creams a little goes a very long way so a tube of this will last a long time. Now onto the disclaimer part - prior to going into hospital these would be my work hand creams and instead of asking to use my hand cream it would be can I have some of our hand cream. Its not my hand cream but the offices - although I think that is a credit to show how fab the product is. Personally my favourite out of the two is the champagne and spice one as this scent lingers on the skin. I've never used a fragrance free hand cream before and I'm still not used to their being no scent. However this is what I've been reaching for post operation.
If you're looking for a different hand cream I'd definately recommend these - I've already used up my champagne and spice one and I'll be repurchasing once I've used up the fragrance free one.