Basketball Vests from £29.99 (via eBay)

You know you watch too much Geordie Shore when you get fashion inspiration from Vicky and Charlotte. I am now starting to amass quite a collection of basketball vests - purely as they are the best things to 

a) sleep in (especially after point c)
b) wear for slobbing about
c) wear while your doing your hair/make up pre night out

The key to wearing one of these is to get oversized versions - normally I buy mine in a medium with the extra drop +2 inches at the bottom. Plus you can always through some leggings on underneath and can run to the shop for emergency drink supplies/go to mates houses before nights out without having to constantly get changed. Next up on my list is the Celtics top. Oh I always get mine brand new from ebay and won't spend more than £35 on a vest, sorry but if you have £80+ to get one from the sport shops you must have more money than sense.