One of the major shoe trends for Spring 13 is the kitten heel - no doubt you will have noticed the complete lack of reasonably high heeled shoes in the shops lately. If I'm entirely honest and you need to take into consideration the fact that I am 5'10 - you will under no circumstances find me in nothing less than 5" heels on a night out. Go high or go home is my motto.
Now I won't be wearing kitten heels for nights out - for work however I may be persuaded. Although the only time you would normally see me in heels at work is if I have a job interview. Since moving offices quite a lot of the girls are wearing kitten heels for work - so I decided to have a quick look online to see what is out there. To be honest I'd always seen kitten heels to be quite an old fashioned shoe which those of a certain age range would wear. However considering they're basically a shorter court shoe (this is how I'm trying to convince myself) I could be tempted to get a pair.
Can you take a wild guess as to which shoe I would pick above?? Yeah no doubt you got it in one - it would have to be the the animal print ones (of course) by Pedro Miralles. Do you own any pairs of kitten heels? Or do you believe in go high or go home when it comes to heels??