I&K Bold & Blunt Hair Fringe* (shade 32) - £22.99 Hairtrade.com (link)
Before I start - lets just get what you're all thinking out in the open... YES I KNOW I LOOK LIKE VELMA FROM SCOOBY DOO. Right now that we've got that out in the open lets start the post.
As you know I am a huge fan of my I&K hair extensions which I previously reviewed from Hairtrade (link) and I think hair extensions are a brilliant way to experiment with your hair without damaging it. Back when I was 18-19 I had a full fringe and then toyed with a side fringe up until I was about 25ish. Personally I always used to feel that the constant straightening and playing with my fringe caused major snappage and I still have baby hair growing in at the front of my hair from this.
Lately in the press Beyonce and Kim Kardashian have both been seen wearing clip in fringes and I thought that I would try one to see if I suit a fringe. By using these hair pieces you can technically try before you buy (well go for the chop) and as you can see from the top picture a full fringe isn't for me. There is a reason why I have only included the one picture of me with the fringe in and you can see why from the bottom picture - its a completely different colour to my haircolour. Normally I purchase items from Hairtrade in 99J which is a burgundy and that is much easier to dye than brown/blonde extensions. If you want excellent quality hair extensions - Hairtrade is the place to go too.
The shade I've gotten is basically a medium-dark brown with red through it - and as I recieved it the day after I had my hair dyed I won't be getting this dyed until mid-March. The hair is human so you can style and dye it like your own - I've already trimmed some of the hair and it easily clips in and out of your hair. You will need to do some hiding work to hide the seams of the piece as it is pretty noticeable - you will probably need to wear a headband or wear it with your hair on top of your head so it will hide the joins. I posted this picture on Facebook and quite a few people fell for this thinking I'd had a fringe cut in so it definately does look lifelike. What is your thoughts on clip in hair pieces??