Music is always better live - its a fact. I've always loved going to gigs and concerts with my friends and its always a brilliant place to meet (and perve) on blokes. I thought I would share with you my 3 golden rules on how to have the best possible experiences at concerts (yes this is coming from the girl who queued for 8 hours to be at the front of the last two Take That concerts.

1) - Tickets - make sure you always buy your tickets from sites such as Stubhub where you know that your tickets are 110% geniune and you are protected incase the concert is cancelled. Personally I always buy tickets from these sites as you see so many stories in the news on how people buy tickets never to see them. By going through the right channels you know you're in safe hands. I know many people use eBay as a place to buy/sell tickets - but Stubhub is part of the eBay company - so by buying tickets from here you are fully protected.

2) - Outfit - always wear something practical. I don't understand how people can go to concerts wearing sky scraper heels, flats all the way. One of my mates went to see Pink at Alton Towers and she commented how loads of women dressed up to the nines had their clothes ruined from the rain. I always wear jeans, vest and a jacket and have a hat/gloves in my bag for the end. Oh and a plastic poncho is a must.

3) - Food/Drinks - now this all depends on whether you're standing/sitting. If your standing and have a really good spot - keep drinks to a minimum you don't want to fight through crowds for loo breaks. Normally my friends and I snack on junk food to keep us going if its a long day then go for food afterwards, or if we have seats we'll go for food beforehand.

Also my final and last tip which links in with the first point - is using the sites which are unheard of to get your tickets first. Stubhub is a new site which when asked none of my friends knew about, this is your golden ticket to be able to get tickets without having sites crashing. I've already got it book marked as one of my favourites. Talking about concerts - I'm off to see the Murs next month - can't wait. Are you a concert/gig or festival type of person??