Lauren's Way Medium Self Tanning Mousse* 150ml-  £17.95 (link) 
As much as I love the whole preperation for a big night out and getting ready to go out, sometimes after a busy week at work the last thing I really want to be doing is spending ages tanning/waiting for it to dry. Lauren's Way was one of the established brands which kindly sponsered last years #LeedsBloggersMeetUp and if you are looking for instant dark two weeks on a tropical island tan look no further than this.
Believe it or not using other brands to achieve the above look would take either a good coat of darker than dark lotion or two coats of normal fake tan - with LW medium (yes medium) the above is ONE coat. No your eyes aren't playing tricks on you - its one coat. I also own their Darker than Dark Mousse and normally I use a coat of the medium on my legs a day or two before I go out, then use the medium the night before on my upper body and then darker than dark on my legs. I know that sounds a bit extreme however for some reason tan doesn't develop on my legs as quickly as it does on my upper body.
I always use a tanning mitt to apply my tan with a glove on underneath - purely due to the fact that I always end up with tide mark hands where the tan has soaked through the mitt. I know £18 will seem to be very expensive to some however personally I prefer to pay more for good quality tan. The best thing is about this tan is a little goes a very long way - I'm only 3/4 of the way through my bottle. Also this dries pretty much instantly and doesn't come off in your bed like other brands do. Personally I couldn't recommend this enough and I will be repurchasing in future.