Liz Earle Skin Repair Moisturiser* 50ml - £18.75 (link)
Oh Liz Earle how you are my skin saviour. I know everybody raves about Liz Earle products - however I can't emphasise enough that everyone is right. I honestly can't imagine my skin care routine without Liz Earle in it - regardless of what products I use, I always end up going back to my old faithfuls from Liz Earle. For the last month I've been testing out one of their cult products - their Skin Repair Moisturiser (normal/combination) and this has been my go to product morning and night.
Considering the cold weather we've had recently in the UK paired with central heating has taken its toll on my skin (through in some uni stress for added value) and this has done wonders in getting my skin back to its best. Like all Liz Earle products there is no chemicals in this, all ingrediants are 100% natural. Even though the cream itself is quite thick and initally seems heavy on the skin, its quickly absorbed and leaves no residue on the surface of your skin. I would say my skin is normal to dry, yet this normal/combination version has been ideal, however if you do suffer from dry/sensitive skin there is a thicker version of this, and if you suffer from oily skin there is a lighter version - all skin types are covered.
I know some people may look at the price tag of this and think its too expensive, however it is excellent value for money as you only need a pea sized amount. I've hardly made a dent in mine and I know this is going to last quite a few months to come. If you want to try the range before buying John Lewis stock the range (Newcastle if your from the North East - FYI the colour range is also stocked here), however you can buy direct from the website.