Ignore the stupid pose above - the point is to show you what the brow kit looks like in action. Note the evil Jager in the background :/
Anyway after what felt like an enternity trying to find the MUA brow pallette I can completely see why its been a complete sell out. Initally I was wondering why the palette only had the one universal shade however this palette lasts me for days when I want an uber dark scouse brow or a little bit of touching up.
For £3.49 (ish) you get two brow shades, a highlight, some wax and then brushes and mini tweezers (which are actually really good). Normally I use my elf studio angled brush to do my brows and all what I do is run a bit of colour through my brows - following the shape, and then touch up any stray hairs with the wax. This is a brilliant budget friendly version of the Benefit Brow-zings palette and if you can get your hands on this you definately should.
I'm really loving MUA cosmetics at the moment and their range has come so far since initally starting out. I'm wanting to try their concealears out next however I'm supposed to be on a make up buying ban until IMATS - however if I can persuade someone to buy me it I'm not breaking my ban aren't I??