Considering I'm not going on holiday until September and as I'm in the process of buying my first house, I'm using my common sense for once and thinking about what I need to buy in advance before I'm officially skint. Normally when it comes to holidays I spend far too much money at the last minute (panic buying) and then never end up wearing any of it when I'm away/back home. This is most definately one for the books for me - I've paid my holiday off already and nearly got my spending money sorted. I've got money set aside for some sunglasses and now I'm thinking about what other key items I need to start buying.
As for sunglasses I'm a firm beliver in the fact that you need to invest in some good quality frames - I always go for RayBans. Some people may complain about the price however if you look after them they will last you for years to come. I'm still after a pair of the oversized Clubmaster (rb4175) however as my brother (he still denies this) broke my Wayfarers I'm in two minds whether to buy another pair. You will note that the styles/colours I have chosen stay true to what I see as the spirit of RayBans - I will not buy coloured shades - I stick to the classics.
Bikinis for me are always a pain in the backside as I need to buy a larger size on top for my boobs - yet need to get string ones as I have a narrow back. I never spend much on bikinis as normally they get ruined when abroad. Primark is normally my go to place however as the prices are getting ridiculous for bikinis from there - I normally go to Asda or Tesco. The bikini above is only £4 - what a bargain.
Finally shoes - I try my hardest to only take a couple of pairs of flip flops for during the day/night. I honestly don't understand how people can wear sky scraper heels at night. This year as I'm going to Zante I'm planning on taking a pair of Converse, some pool shoes, and then maybe one or two pairs of dressy sandals. These Coral Blue flip flops would be ideal for a night and I would wear these back home with denim shorts or jeans.
What are you priorities when it comes to buying for holidays??