I would say Tor is one of my closest "blogging" fwends who I know in real life (that sounds so odd saying that) and I speak to practically on a daily basis. So if you follow us both on Twitter and Instagram you will know that myself and Tor are partial to what we call a Scouse Brow and Nando session on a near monthly basis in Middlesbrough. Any way while browsing for shoes I spotted these ankle boots which screamed out Tor's name.
Everytime I've seen Tor she's always wearing some sort of cute ankle boot and if I'm perfectly honest I'm 99% sure she's already got a pair similiar to these Betty London ones. You know when a new "IT" boot comes out and all bloggers go wild for - you should follow Tor as she can always find a near enough exact dupe for a fraction of the price. However as Spring is just around the corner I think I am going to have to splash out on these boots as they're not ott for work, yet can be worn with jeans/leggings. Considering I'm on a make up spending ban ready for IMATS - I definately need something to spend my money on. Justified much??