Treacle Moon Warm Cinnamon Nights* - £2.99 Tesco (Limited Edition)

There's nothing which screams relaxation more so than a good soak in a bubble bath (especially when its freezing outside). Treacle Moon has yet again come to my rescue and ready for the winter period has released a limited edition bubble bath/shower gel - Warm Cinnamon Nights. What's its scent? The clue is in the title ;) Normally believe it or not I am not a fan what so ever of cinnamon products (and food) however what is  different about Treacle Moon's offering is the fact that yes you can smell cinnamon but the product is more of a winter berry/fruity scent with a slight hint of cinnamon.
Even though this is limited edition I have spied a few bottles in my local Tesco which I am tempted to stock up on as I love this product. Even though its a dual product - I prefer to use this as a bubble bath and not as a body wash. A little bit of this does go a long way and makes lots of bubbles however I may (well really) go overboard with the amount I put in the bath. I'm already a huge fan of Treacle Moon products and they can do no wrong in my eyes. I'm now debating what bath product to try next from them?? Any recommendations??