Parka* - Warehouse // Leggings - American Apparel  // Snood and Hat - Primark

Under no circumstances can I deal with the cold - except on a night out, therefore when it comes to jackets I need something which first off is stylish and secondly will keep me warm. This is where my gorgeous winter parka (complete with hood) from Warehouse comes in. This has been my staple go to piece throughout winter and has been keeping me warm at 7am when I'm scraping ice off my car.
Normally when you see outfit photos from me you will see me in my causal clothing - however I decided with this I would share photos with you after work. Obviously by my facial expression I look so happy to be finished work. As you can see from the jacket its very thick and I believe that when it comes to coats you get exactly what you pay for and this jacket just ticks all the boxes for me. I've had so many complements from work colleagues and friends about this jacket - however its sold out on the Warehouse website.
No need to panic though (well maybe your bank account will) as Warehouse have so many goregous coats and jackets which are very similiar to this. Roll on Spring as I need this studded jacket in my life. Are you a fan of Warehouse's coats and jackets??