Clarins Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch - £26

As I'm off to IMATS in the summer I've had a make up buying ban slapped on me from 30th January - I say 30th Jan as this is the day I bought this and I've classed this as make up instead of skin care (epic fail there Ray). You will have seen this mentioned in my Boots Haul post (link) and I'm still can't believe that I parted with £26 yes £26 on a face primer - however its bloody worth every single penny. And as you can see I'd forgotten about #firstworldbloggerproblems and actually used the product before taking photos.
What I love about this is the fact you only need a pea sized amount to cover your entire face and ahhh it just makes your foundation look amazing. It doesn't budge and it actually does last all day however I do normally save this as a "going out" primer - I prefer to use either Benefit's PoreFessional or Murad Matte Primer during the day. The product smooths my skin out and hides my nose pores. I know some people are a bit wary of buying into blogger hype products (myself included) however I would definately recommend this and I'm so glad I bit the bullet and bought it. If you do want to try this and don't want to pay £26 try and see if you can get this via duty free. I'll be stocking up on this come September for definate.