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Considering we're three weeks away from the first Bank Holiday of the year, I always start thinking what am I going to wear on Easter Sunday (aka Sesh..On). This year instead of it being a last minute job like it always is I have decided to be organised for once. I should have used my time off work productively and searched online, however boredom and online shopping can be lethal for my debit card.
As I need to save as much money as possible, the days have just about (not fully no way hose) gone where I wouldn't think of spending x amount of money on a full brand new outfit from Topshop. These days I'm prefering to invest my money in more designer, timeless pieces which I can wear over and over again. My sister from another mister Jen always sends me links of items from unknown brands which to me are more appealing for nights out as you know that you won't bump into people wearing the same outfit as you.
While hunting for the Finders Keeprs Secret Garden You Sent Me dress (centre) I came accross Designer Desireables.com and I urge you to have a look - their sales are amazing, especially if you're a fan of Forever Unique, Amy Childs Collection and Quontum. I've picked some possible contenders for Easter Sunday above and as soon as I choose what I want I'll let you know - I will try my very hardest just to choose the one dress ;)