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Nights out the majority of the time for me is dresses, dresses, dresses, maybe a skirt, maybe my disco pants. However I don't know if its the older I'm getting however I'm becoming the biggest wimp ever when it comes to the cold - I still won't reduce myself to the standard of taking a jacket on nights out for me. Although I have been known to stand under a hand drier to warm up and I constantly have a heater on next to me at work (my excuse is that I'm sat next to the window on the cold side of the building).
I'm digressing as per back to the post - I'm obsessed with printed trousers at the moment. I've already bought the Topshop ones (number 1) and the Primark ones (number 3), however as much as I love them, I haven't really thought ahead of how to style them for nights out... fellow readers do your magic please xx