Derma V10 Q10 Innovations Eye Make Up Remover* - Home Bargains, Savers, BodyCare
Now and again a product will come along which I am on the fence about, a product which works, but then doesn't work - if that makes sense. Another Derma V10 product which I was sent to review was their gentle eye make up remover, now what sets this apart from other products on the market is the fact that is a liquid gel like consistency. Personally I've never tried a product like this before and I'm not going to lie I have struggled with getting to used to this.
I will take complete responsibility here for being too heavy handed with using this product and put way too much onto my cotton wool pad - now this normally wouldn't be a problem however as it just sits on top of the cotton wool (doesn't soak in) as soon as you move your hand it spills. So moral of the story - use a small amount. Second issue if I wear two coats of mascara and some eye shadow - the remover works perfectly in removing all traces of make up. However I very rarely wear two coats of mascara (more like 5) I do struggle in removing all my eye make up and have to use a make up wipe prior to the eye make up remover.
This formulation is a completely new concept to me and this is probably why I am sat on the fence about it - however as Derma V10 products are budget friendly I can only really recommend trying them out for yourself. My local Home Bargains doesn't stock this, but I do know BodyCare at the Metro Centre does.