Fake Bake Xtreme Darkest Self-Tanning Gel* - £23.19 Hairtrade (link)
As its literally days away from the first Bank Holiday sesh of the year and unlike last years mini-heatwave we seem to still be in the midst of winter. However in an attempt to feel like I've been sunning myself on the beach for two weeks I've been trying out Fake Bake's xtreme darkest self-tanning gel. This is my first try of any Fake Bake products as I normally stick to Xen-Tan, Lauren's Way or St Tropez however I have been very impressed with the results after one (yes one) coat.
I found that the product was easy to work into the skin and dried practially straight away which is a good point considering I normally find lotions to be very sticky. What I love as well is the fact that Fake Bake provide you with a directions leaflet and some gloves to apply it with. I always use a mitt to apply my tan with and as you can see it doesn't make the product go streaky.
As you can see from the picture how dark the tan goes after the one coat- normally I stick to the one coat on my top half and then two coats on my legs. This lasted a good 5 days before it started to fade/go patchy and is easily removable with exfoliating gloves. Definately two thumbs up from me. If you are a fan of Fake Bake products - Hairtrade have a vast selection of the range.