I'm pretty much on the ball this month with getting this post written and published - to be honest I haven't really been that fussed about products for the last few weeks of the month since my operation. To be honest my main priority has been the countdown between each lot of meds and then sleeping. However there has been a select few products I've been reaching for.
MUA Heaven and Earth Palette - this is my go to work eyeshadow palette and I'm still really enjoying using this - personally I can't justify spending £28 on the Urban Decay Naked Palettes when this is just as good. Review here.
Clairns Primer - OMG where have you been all my life. I've only used it a couple of times as due to the £26 price tag this is going to be my nights out/best primer. Definately worth the hype - review to come.
DermaV10 Nose Strips* - as far as my beauty routine is while I've been recovering has been the least effort the better - not going to lie my party trick has been putting one of these on and then dosing off for an hour. It does the job, and I would recommend. Review here.
Soap and Glory Hand Food - Love, smells lush, does the job. Review here.
Blistex Moisture Max Lipbalm* - As I'd been forwarned that one of the downsides to having your tonsils out would be dry lips I'd deliberately left this next to my bed in an effort to use up. This has been a lifesaver as during my op the side of my lip had been cut open (not happy about this) and my lips have been drier than dry - this has worked wonders. Review to come.
Angela Langford Bright Eyes* - Quite sad I'm on my last dregs of this now as its a really good natural moisturiser. Yet again another product which has gotten me through my recovery. Review here.
Dentyl Active Mouthwash - yes my favourite product of the month has been a bottle of mouthwash. I'm going to do a seperate post on my op and what to expect and I'll tell you now your mouth will be like someone has died in it and no amount of brushing will get rid of the smell. This has helped me and my mouth feel half normal and I would have to rinse my mouth with this every few hours. It also helps remove the scabs (tmi I know).