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One question I get asked a lot on from friends and work colleagues is why do I need to buy new clothes all the time for and don’t I have plenty of clothes already. Believe it or not I save a very large chunk of my wages each month to go towards my house deposit and when I tell people how much I have saved up they’re actually very surprised considering the amount of clothes I buy.
However today I thought I would share with you some of my clothes buying tips and its simple... you shop around. Before I wouldn’t bat an eyelid when spending £100 on a dress to wear on a Saturday night before discarding it to the back of my wardrobe after one wear. I think the older I get I’m starting to realise that if I do want to spend £90 on a dress – to buy it in either black or white in a cut/style which I know I can get many wears out of it over years to come.
Other clothing items I prefer to shop around using sites such as Uniprice – see how much they are on different sites and then make a decision as to whether I want to buy it. Normally you can find items much cheaper. Another tip of mine (and what I used to be known for in my old job) is to take photos of items of clothing you want on your phone when you’re tempted to order online or when reading magazines you’ll end up looking back at it thinking why did I want to buy that. If you want to invest your money personally I would recommend it in accessories – for you it may be shoes, for me its handbags all the way.
I hope these little tips have been valuable – let me know in the comments below what your money saving tips is when it comes to clothes shopping.