So for this month's shoe of the month and considering today its his birthday - I thought I would share with you my birthday present for my darling (I use that term loosely) brother Jonathan (aka Jonny). How would I describe my brothers style... I don't really think I can put tramp in here can I?? Oh I'll be in trouble now if he sees this. I'm no good at describing lads style - its all about the jeans, tee (normally Fred Perry) and then some sort of shoe - normally a trainer. For Christmas I bought him some Nike trainers similiar to this but now he's back to wanting Fred Perry - he's moved on from his Converse phase and absolutely ridicules me when I'm wearing my Blazers. So these are what I've ordered him - do I think he'll keep them clean? Nope they're be ruined after a weekend no doubt - however what the birthday boy wants the birthday boy gets. I'm such a nice sister aren't I??