So I thought today I would take a different stance on the blog and briefly describe what to expect etc if your getting your tonsils removed. I've always suffered throughout my life with tonsilitus - some of you may get a slight sore throat - mine goes straight to severe tonsilitus. I've asked many a time to get them removed however my doctors had refused to send me to see a specialist - I'd been off work 8 times in the last year due to it and the final straw was on a night out with Ellie where I couldn't even swallow my spit my throat was that swollen and I had to go to the Urgent Care centre who stated on my medical records that I needed to see a specialist.
Day 1 - Operation day - you must have lipbalm with you - that was where I failed. My operation was 9.30 and apparently I was under for 45 mins, all what I can remember is coming around at 10.45 saying I was going to be sick and next thing I know its 12.30pm. Its a weird sensation - as you will "sleep" during the day but not sleep for long literally a few minutes at a time. One thing I wasn't happy about was the side of my mouth/lips were cut open from the breathing pipe. The hospital were reluctant to provide any kind of pain relief and claimed the agony in my throat was due to my throat being "dry". I don't think so.
Day 2 - suprisingly feeling "normal". However come midnight thats when it all changes.
Day 3 - 5 - AGONY. Seriously words can't describe the pain, I was in constant countdown for my meds and basically away with the showfolk. Food was horrible - I was unable to eat much and literally could only manage egg and jelly. Also regardless of how many times you use mouthwash/brush your teeth it will seem like something has died in your mouth.
Day 6-7 - the ear pain begins, I'd suffered with slight ear pain before, however this pain seemed more intense and right down the centre of my ear cannals - turns out I'd had an ear infection in both ears. Codine in tablet form was prescribed yet I'd had a reaction to this and started being sick, well retching considering I had nothing on my stomach. Not good with stitches in your throat.
Day 8-10 - Feeling normal within myself, unable to yawn or sneeze without being in pain. Still some pain mainly on a morning. However feeling very weak due to lack of food. This is where it becomes frustrating as you want to eat, but food feels like its clagging/getting stuck in your throat.
Day 11-14 - Starting to see light at end of the tunnel. Chocolate tastes horrible (but I'm still eating it).
So now I'm 5 weeks post op and I'm not going to lie I'm still having some pain when yawning and I'm struggling with certain foods - coffee still tastes like bbq sauce and anything tomato based is like pouring acid down my throat. I've lost about 10-14lb in weight however shame I never got this done before I went on my holiday (hello bikini body). However regardless of how bad the pain was you just had to keep reminding yourself that there will be no more infections for me.
Hope that long post helped and if you have any questions - leave a comment or drop me an email.