Tweezerman Mini Slant Tweezer* - £14.50 Boots (link)
I've always been aware of the hype around Tweezerman products and its been drummed into me that Tweezerman are the best tweezers to use, yet I'd always been perfectly happy with my cheap pair from Superdrug. Oh how this has changed - I don't know what it is but these little beauties (how flipping cute are they) have completely transformed the way I look after my brows in between waxes. There is something about the slanted edge which just instantly removes each hair without any breakage and very little pain. Also considering how often I use them (I'm sure Benefit put something in their wax to make your brows grow back rapidly) they haven't gone blunt and are still as good as the day I recieved them. I normally keep my tweezers in the case in which it came in and keep the plastic protector on the ends - this may answer why they're in such good condition. To some they may seem expensive however I honestly can't recommend you buying these they are worth every single penny and they will last. If you're looking for a new pair of tweezers - look no further.