Xen Tan Mist Intense* £23.99 - Xen Tan (link)
Occasionally a product will come along which will change the way you look at tanning for work. Normally my mantra is go dark or go home when it comes to tanning for nights out and I will always reach for darker than dark tanners to achieve a good healthy glow for nights out. However I don't think this is apt in my place of work, purely due to the fact that the majority of tans go blotchy when they start too fade.
However thanks to Xen Tan and their Mist Intense this is a thing of the past as one coat provides me with a week in the sun tan, which fades evenly and doesn't go blotchy. Normally I'll apply this on a Sunday morning - let it develop all day (although you can just put it on and go about your daily business) and then wash off on the night. This normally lasts me until a Thursday then I use some exfoliating gloves to remove the remainder.
I've always been loyal to mousse based products and avoided any types of spray like the plague, however the key to this is to spray the product onto a tanning mit then apply. Fool proof. Whats brilliant about this is the fact that the spray action makes you use less product - always a winner in my book. And it dries pretty much instantly so you don't have to do the dancing around in the nude shimmy while waiting for it to dry (or is that just me). If you're after a new tan for during the day - look no further than this.