This month has got to have been THE longest month ever, made even longer with the fact that my car has cost an absolute fortune this month - oil leak, failed mot, work and insurance. Urghhhhh. Anyway next month I will be on a strict (ish) spending ban and trying to buy holiday essentials and maybe a couple of bits and bobs.
First up bikinis - I hate being a funny old shape - big boobs, tiny back, and a bum to rival Kim Kardashian's. Point blank will I refuse to pay loads of money on a bikini and normally I prefer to buy seperates from Primark and Asda - all the seperates above are from Asda and cost £2.50 (yes you read right) each. Definately need to stock up on a couple of new bikinis.
Next up was some flip flops for by the pool - and seriously how girly are these Banana Moon beauts? Normally I'd be like nope not having bows on flip flops for by the pool, however I do need these in my life. Personally if I had my own way I wouldn't wear any kind of shoes around the pool, however I'm a bit of a germaphobe and I will always have some sort of shoe on my feet - even in the hotel room.
Finally a wishlist post wouldn't be a wishlist without Topshop making some sort of appearence. I'm after a black tube skirt for Bank Holiday Sunday and as these ones are double layered so I'm hoping for good things with it. How to style it though?? Hmmm best get my thinking cap on. Finally a midi dress - I don't know if I'm ready to wear a tight midi dress however I will ease myself into it slowly with this loose midi. I feel broke just looking at this now ;)