Rescue Oil - £2.99 (approx) Home Bargains, Savers, Bodycare
Yet another gem from Health Point Ltd to review for you today - and yes I know what you're thinking it looks like a well know branded product (at a fraction of the price). Anyway if you remember last September I had a cheeky little trip to Manchester which involved me rolling down some stairs (managed to keep my white dress/chanel off the ground - a skill in itself) however my poor shin bore the brunt of the fall. The matter wasn't helped with vain Raymondo who decided to cover the cut with foundation/bronzer to match in with the rest of her leg which resulted in a lush infection and a scar.
Over the last two months I've been testing this out on my scar to see if I can improve the appearnce of it - now this scar is no means large, however it does have a lovely red appearence to it and is slightly visable when I use fake tan. I've been using Rescue Oil on this every night before bed (as well as on the usual dry skin patch on my leg) and I have to admit that even though my scar hasn't vanished this has helped (along with natural healing time) to reduce the redness and its undetectable when I wear fake tan. Obviously this isn't a miracle in a bottle and its not going to work on everyone, however I did see visable results with it. As for the dry skin on my shin - this has also worked wonders on that. Yes I still do have the occasional day where it is dry however if I use this a few days prior to fake tanning the dry skin isn't as visable.
If you are looking to test a budget friendly oil I would definately recommend this as the effects are exactly the same as the way more expensive version ;)