If there was a prize going for the most unexciting edition of empties I think I would win hands down. I feel like I must try harder, however for some reason all my products at the moment are like the gifts which keep on giving.
Cotton wool - standard.
So Brit deodrant* - I recieved this from last years #LeedsBloggerMeetUp and its normally the one I keep in my handbag during the day while I'm at work (as I'm paranoid about smelling - even though I dont FYI). This then comes to the gym with me. I'm not really keen on the scent, its too floral for me and kind of smells like pot puree (or however you spell it). I have another one I'm using up however I wouldn't repurchase.
So... Fab perfume* - I've previously reviewed this (link) and this is what I use for work. The scent doesn't last all day however I've enjoyed using it. There's a strong vanilla undertone in this, and thats why I think I'm drawn to it. Would consider repurchasing.
Mint Lip Balm - Bought these in a pack of two for 50p (oh yeah) from Primark ages ago. I actually think I have another one waiting to be used up. It does the job and its handy for keeping in my drawer at work, however its very plastic like. I would repurchase however only if I was in dire needs of a lipbalm while out.
Anglea Langford Bright Eyes Moisturiser* - I'll hold my hands up I'm still on using this up - I honestly thought I had two more applications from this so decided to photograph it however its still going strong. I've reviewed this here and I would definately repurchase.
Lancome Genifique - I'd swiped this off my mother (call it revenge for her pinching my stuff) and considering she pays £80+ for that bottle from Duty Free it did absolutely nothing for my skin and gives a new meaning to the term spunky chops... put two and two together. I've got a review on this coming up but I'd advise you not to splash out on this (unless you swipe it from a family member).
John Frieda Luxurious Volume Hairspray* - This doesn't create volume in your hair however as I normally only use hairspray on nights out this has been working in making my curls stay for the majority of the night. I've reviewed this here, however even though the product did work (to an extent) - I won't be repurchasing.
2013 Total - 14