Who doesn't love a good snoop in someone's bag eh. I thought I'd take some quick photos of what I had in my bag on a recent meal out. First up is the bag - now this bag is the bane of my life - I paid £38 for this from Topshop and then what does Primark do bring an exact dupe out for £6 typical. I'm getting my money's worth with this bag. Normally I wouldn't have so much make up in my bag if I'm going out for a meal however as I was suffering from woman flu (way worse than man flu) I'd taken my Illamasqua bronzer*, Mac eyebrow pencil in lingering (best eyebrow pencil ever) and my Collection Multiplier mascara for any on the go top ups.
Normally I only carry the one lip product however I think the reason why I have my Korres lipbutter is that I'd left it in the car so threw into my bag for safe keeping. The lipstick which I have depotted is either Mac Hue or Shy Girl I really can't remember which one of the two it is - I'm thinking its Shy Girl though. The foundation sample pots you get from Mac are brilliant to use when you depot whats left in Mac lipsticks.
My purse is my little LV coin purse which I normally use when I just have cards out with me. Small Versace Crystal Noir (I always have to have perfume with me) and some Home Bargain tic tacs (they taste horrid) and then last but not least my iPhone5. Mind you that Topshop bag does fit a lot of junk in doesn't it.