Skirt - Topshop (link) // Shoes - Topshop // Bag - American Apparel (link) // Top - Aqua (link) // Necklace - Zara (in store)

So first outfit post in bloody ages - with the new hair colour too. Don't ask me why I decided to go back brown, if I'm honest as much as I loved the red I just couldn't be bothered with it anymore and wanted a change. Don't get me wrong I am missing my red hair, however my hair is currently a work in progress, the colour you can see isn't going to be my permanent colour for the time being, I will be going chocolate brown, however I'm having to keep putting ash brown over the top to contract the red.
Anyway onto the outfit itself - Bank Holiday Sunday sesh, requires a new outfit (standard). The tee I'm wearing is actually backless and I mean completely backless, however as the midi skirt is high waisted its not too bad. I'm completely obsessed with the colour and can't wait to wear it with my disco pants. However the tee wasn't cheap at £60 (its currently £42 in the Aqua sale), however it is excellent quality and will be a staple piece in my wardrobe. Also how can you not miss that statement necklace from Zara - for £19.99 it looks much more expensive, and yes I take full responsibility for making Adrienne aka the enabler buy it.
Thought I would also share a few random pictures from the night too.
Parting note - those heels are the comfiest heels I own until you take the buggers off and my feet were crippled for days after.