Re-Energiser Eye Roll-On - £2 (approx) Home Bargains.

I think you know by now that I don't really beat around the bush when it comes to stating what I think of an item or describing things. So as part of the DermaV10 items I was sent to review I was sent the Re-Energiser eye roll on - an item which you would probably associate with Garnier. I've been trying to use up other eye products before using this, and ironically started this mid-assignments. Now those who know me, know that I work best at night - so stopping up until 3-4am working isn't uncommon for me, however my poor eyes do suffer. For a better phrase they normally look like pissholes in the snow (told you I didn't beat around).
Anyway I have found myself reaching for this for a quick pick me up - I don't think this has done anything to hydrate the skin around my eyes, or get rid of my black eyes. However if you are looking for a short-term fix this is the product for you. Normally I roll this around my eyes and hey presto, I look half awake. The product itself is clear, non-sticky and unscented so would be ideal to use on any skin type. I find that the rollerball really cools and reduces any puffiness and for just over £2 it is a good little quick pick me up. However if you're looking for something more longer lasting this isn't the product for you. If you are thinking about splashing out on the Garnier one, I would recommend trying this instead.