So much for the blogging being back to normal as of yesterday eh, better late than never I suppose. Anyway what I find, the more time I spend in the house - the more products I get through. Throw in being the Queen of procrastinating when it comes to Uni, I've managed to get through quite a lot of products, which means I can crack on reviewing items from both the Newcastle and Leeds FABB Events.
Batiste Red Dry Shampoo* - I'll give you the heads up this will be featuring on my next lot of running on empties as I've been on a mission to use my red hair products up as I've switched back to the brunette side. I can't rave enough about Batiste - obviously I won't be repurchasing this one, however its a staple. Review here.
Boots Botanics Red Shampoo - unfortunately this has been discontinued, and is literally THE BEST shampoo for red hair. Luckily I'd managed to nab another two bottles of this for 60p which has since gone to Lesley in my office. If you can find this and you have red hair, seriously buy it. Yet again I won't be repurchasing, review here.
Elnett Hairspray - excellent to keep in your bag for nights out, always end up coming back to this and would happily repurchase. Actually I already have.
Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment - a cult product amongst bloggers and I can totally agree with the hype. I found that this did help my hair grow quicker, although I did use this in conjunction with cutting down on heat, so that may have had an effect, however I'd definitely repurchase. Review here.
Bioderma Atoderm Gel Douche* - love that squeaky clean feeling? Use this!! It doesn't have a strong scent however I'm actually quite gutted I've come to the end of it. Will be looking to repurchase this when I go to London with Tor next month. Review here.
Soap and Glory Hand Food - I think I have about four more tubes of this to get through. Quite frankly HG hand cream in my opinion. This is a product I won't repurchase, however I know that I will always end up with loads from gift sets (not complaining though). Review here.
Botanics Purifying Face Scrub - I bought this on a whim while the range was on offer in Boots, just after Christmas and I have to admit that for just over £3 this is a bloody good scrub!! Really gritty, removes traces of fake tan and smells gorgeous - what more do you want in a scrub? I've got a review on this coming up soon, and I would happily repurchase.
Medicated Chapstick - my HG lipbalm, although I haven't repurchased yet, as I currently have six, yes six lipbalms in my bag. If you are looking for an intensive treatment for chapped lips - try this, you won't be disappointed.
Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish - I don't think this needs any explanations if I'm honest with you - yet strangely I've never reviewed this properly. I'll get a review up shortly. Was going to say I'd repurchase however I have just spied a full sized bottle in my drawers.
2013 Total - 23