£1.49 Home Bargains
As disgusting as it may sound, there is nothing more satisfying than pulling a nose pore strip off and admiring its handy work. Don't deny it, we all do it. I know many of you will probably use Biore, however £6+ for some strips is a bit excessive. Let me introduce you to Skinlite nose pore cleansing strips from my favourite home of bargains... Home Bargains. For a quarter of the price you get 6 strips and honestly I can't recommend these enough. Normally I use these once a week, leave to dry and then rip off my nose, simple as. I always follow up with a good exfoliator and jobs a good un. This has helped keep blackheads at bay and I'd honestly go as far as saying they're a HG product and I can count on the one hand how many products of mine I would say is HG material. I know you probably would have been expecting a picture of me with the pore strip on, however I hate to disappoint you all - I might put a picture on Instagram (@RayWhoisShe) if you're lucky :p