Choosing a set of suitable bridesmaid dresses can be a very stressful process – there are many things you need to worry about, because the chances are, your bridesmaids aren’t all exactly the same.

Here are 5 tips on how to select your dresses for the most wonderful day imaginable:

1.    One of the biggest things you should note is that you don’t need to buy them from bridal stockists. There are many high street and on line retailers who sell dresses that could be perfect as bridesmaid dresses.
2.    Make sure you talk to your bridesmaids about what they want. Whilst you may have ideas in mind for what you want, you may find that they dislike the idea – and whilst it isn’t their decision, they will be much better maids if they are happy in what they are wearing.
3.    Consider the shape of your maids. Different styles of dresses suit different shapes, and it is very unlikely that all of your maids are going to be the same shapes.
4.    This issue can be resolved by selecting a range of dresses that come on the same colours and even the same fabrics but are different shapes. Take for example the collection of dresses below. They come from different lines, but are made of matching fabrics and come in matching colours (Ivory and Black). The difference in shapes means that they are more suited to different shapes. The dresses in the middle are great for ladies who are fairly well proportioned and don’t stick out too much, whilst the dresses to the outsides are pleated around the waist so are great for adding curves to someone that has a sporty figure, or balancing out someone that is top heavy.
5.    If this seems too adventurous, there are many retailers that offer ranges, so you can rest assured that the fabrics match up perfectly. Similarly, if you prefer to stick with one style but dual colours, there will be lines that cater for this wish.

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