I'm really finding it hard to use up make up considering I'm planning on having a massive spending spree this weekend at IMATS. However I very rarely wear make up to work (pick your jaw back up) so I think that explains why I'm struggling to get through make up. Anyway these photos were taken just before I dyed my hair brown (good timing or what).
Boots Botanics Red Shampoo - apparently this is discontinued which is a shame as its literally the best shampoo/conditioner for red hair. I've had to give my back ups of this away to Lesley at work and for obvious reasons I won't be repurchasing. Review here.
Batiste Red Dry Shampoo* - yet another staple in my former red hair care routine. I'd definitely recommend this, however I now need to invest in the Brunette version. Review here.
Goldwell Colourglow Warm Red Conditioner* - Again another staple product, which I would use in conjunction with the Botanics Shampoo. I received this via Hairtrade and it appears this has been discontinued on their website, however if you can get your hands on this its a brilliant conditioner which doesn't weigh your hair down. Review here.

Soap and Glory Rich and Foamous Body Wash - I'm a massive fan of S&G and in my eyes they can't do no wrong. I'm slowly starting to get through my massive stash of products, however I still end up repurchasing. Really recommend this - even though its marketed as a body wash you can also use it as a bubble bath. Would definitely repurchase.
Hawaiian Tropic Body Butter - oh my HG body butter which has been neglected recently. I've still got 3 tubs of this left ready for holidays as this keeps your tan in. Will always repurchase this regardless of however many other body butters I have. Review here.
Cotton Wool - Standard.
Crest 3D Teeth Whitening Strips - I've managed to get through 3 packs of these and these definitely work wonders on your teeth. I'll always continue to repurchase these via ebay, however as my friend Gary is off to America in September I'll be asking him to pick up a box or two for me.
Korres Quince Lipbutter - my second pot of this. Really starting to get back into my Korres lipbutters recently. If you're not a fan of tinted lipbalms I wouldn't recommend this shade (go for pommegrante). Definitely will repurchase these lip butters once I've made a dent into my collection of lip balms.
Kiehls Lipbalm - I'd only used half of this and recently refound it - horrible horrible product. Won't be repurchasing what so ever which is a disappointment considering how much I love Kiehls.
Elf Studio Brush Shampoo - a good product to wash eye shadow brushes with, yet couldn't fully clean a foundation brush. Safe to say I won't be repurchasing again.
2013 Total - 34