I know this won't happen purely to me,  but come the weekend and you're getting ready for a night out I always have the thought "what if someone's wearing what I'm wearing". As much as I love the high street (especially Topshop and Zara) you're always running the huge risk of potentially seeing many people out in the same outfit as you. Therefore in order to stand out in the crowd I always try to find outfits from brands which are more independent.
Recently I've been introduced to Runway Republic which primarily encourage designers, brands and vintage sellers from around the world to use the site as a platform to sell their items of clothing. Best thing about this site is that you're never going to find someone on a night out wearing the same item of clothing as you. Personally I'm a huge fan of vintage clothing and I'm obsessed with the dress in the middle picture, however I can never be bothered to go searching through vintage shops. Step up Runway Republic and their huge selection of cheap vintage dresses. I'm definitely wanting to pick up a couple for my upcoming holiday (and they'll also do for work wear).
I've done a selection of my favourite items from the store and tried to cover all categories (they even sell make up). Really recommend checking this site out.