I've recently been using a skincare duo which is made literally 30 minutes down the road from me in Greta Bridge, County Durham. The Garage Spa has only been open a matter of 6 months and is already receiving rave reviews and has developed its own range of beauty products which are made from local ingredients. What makes the range even better is the fact that they're named after cars/garages - taking into consideration the fact that the location of the spa was once an ancient stopping station for refuelling and repairing of cars.
Over the last few weeks I've been trying out the Wheelie Good Cleanser* and Toner* with extract of Teesdale Honey, Fig and Vanilla and I thought I would share my thoughts. First up the Cleanser - for me this was my favourite product out of the two, honestly the scent of this product is an absolute beaut, it screams high end. Now its instructed that you apply this straight onto your skin and then rinse, however I've found using this on wet skin actually makes my skin feel cleaner if that makes sense. The toner - well its a good product however I've found that I'm wasting too much product due to the pump, so I've improvised and changed the top to a spray. What I like about the products is that they don't dry my skin out and there's no residue left behind. If you're based in the North East I definitely think you should treat yourself and get a facial done at the spa.