Tresemme Texture Style Backcomb Dust - £5.50 (approx)
Ray + Big Hair on a night out never ever goes, potentially on the rare occasion this may happen however said big hair will vanish as soon as I dare step over the door step. However my darling Ellie on the other hands massive hair will last all night and the day after too - alright for some isn't it. Now what is Ellie's secret - backcombing dust (Ellie's choice doesn't work on me), however after seeing the hype around Tresemme's Texture Style range I thought I would give their Backcomb Dust a try.
The idea behind backcomb dust is to provide the same effect as backcombing but without damaging your hair. Instructions advise to rub this between your hands before applying to your hair, however I find that my pouring a small amount directly to my roots and rubbing in this works better and I find that the product actually helps hold the volume. Honestly I'd be lost on nights out without this, the only gripe is that the day after its a nightmare to brush your hair so I would recommend washing as soon as possible and your hair is as good as new. If you struggle with volume in your hair - try this!!